Some of the velicles I have built

    Supertrike Engineering was not created over night, but rather by a lifetime of passion for high performance motorsports.  My name is Rich Cummings, and I hail from Coldwater, Michigan.  I have always been a "car" guy, engineer, and a builder.  I have enjoyed street rods, drag racing, circle track racing, and monster truck racing my whole life. 

    I have spent hundreds of hours developing and building monster truck parts.  I developed the two-piece rim that is used on many of the race trucks seen today.  I was also the first to develop and produce a light-weight, fabricated monster truck axle.  I have additionally assisted several other monster truck drivers with chassis layout and design.  Whether on a napkin or on a computer, I turn visions into reality.

    Not only do I have experience in the design and development aspect of monster truck racing, I raced my own monster truck a number of years both in and out of the U.S.  I have driven several monster trucks, but none that compare to the Super Trike, as it is the only one like it.

    I do not only design and develop monster trucks and parts a like, I have also built numerous other wild creations.  Out of everything I have built, my favorite is the "rat rod" shown below.  Visions turned into reality draws crowds, as does the “rat rod”.  The “rat rod” has been featured in newspapers, magazines, online articles and videos.  The “rat rod” rides on the back of the trailer along with the Super Trike to my shows and displays, drawing a whole crowd in itself.

    My goal here at Super Trike Engineering is to shock the audience with something that most have only dreamed of.  Why only admire photos of the Super Trike when you can bring it to your track today, live the experience. Book your show or display today!