How it Started

One day I was driving by a tire warehouse and noticed 2 used Terra tires, often used on monster trucks. They looked cool and I was wondering whatI could make with them. I”ve worked all my life as an engineer, and enjoy building things. I am the “think outside the box” type of guy so something new, or much different is what I gravitate to. First thing that came to mind was a truck, but ruled that out because it had already been done. I wanted something unique.

Next thing was a giant All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). I had a Honda “Big Red” three wheel ATV. To the best of my knowledge nobody had made one. I did some rough measurements and it appeared that an engine and a modified transmission could be fit such that the proportions would be similar to the Honda.

I talked to a couple of guys that did stadium events with monster trucks. They said it sounded like an interesting idea. I remembered going to the races with my mom & dad when I was just a boy. The fun we had as a family has always stayed with me. I was hoping I could be a part of other families making their memories.

I bought the tires so I could do a more thorough layout. I had a 426 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi engine to use. When I mocked up the tires and engine everything then fell into place. At that point there was no turning back.

It was complex. Everything had to be made from scratch, as nothing existing came close to being what was needed . The fiberglass molds and body were made using a Honda brochure picture of a “Big Red ATV” to get the proportions correct.

Sitting on top of the engine posed a safety problem because of the flames and gasses from the exhaust, so there is over 120 feet of stainless steel tubing to redirect the fumes and flames elsewhere.

It took six months of 15 hour days to build. The first show was at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit Michigan. Race fans went wild as the Super Trike drove into the arena and pulled 9 foot wheelies for 300 feet, the full length of the football field.

Since then we have done displays and wheelie exhibitions from coast to coast,
Canada and Hawaii