It was included in Paul McCartney's Super Bowl Half Time Show

What we do for you

The Super Trike will bring people to Your event

Its impact makes people smile, and talk to other people about your event

Wheel Stand Exhibitions

Static Diplays

Super Trike also works for you after your event.  Most of these pictures were published online, in papers, and magazines giving the reader details about the your location and event.

We have done displays and wheelie exhibitions from coast to coast,
Canada and Hawaii

The Super Trike has done Exhibitions in areas as small as basketball gymnasiums to as large as race tracks.  Steering brakes allow the Trike to keep the front tire up for long distances even on banked tracks.

In small indoor areas we keep the speed very slow so fans can get good pictures with low light.

At larger outdoor areas such as fairgrounds and racetracks the Super Trike goes much faster.

The draw of Super Trike is great because there are hundreds of monster trucks, and everyone has seen them. This is the only monster wheel standing trike so people are eager to see it.

The ad to the left was put in a weekly paper by a car dealer we were doing a display for. The couple in the newspaper picture to the right drove over 30 miles just to see the Super Trike.

The dealership owner told me he has had many promotions, and nothing has ever brought nearly as many people onto his sales lot.

Published in "Easy Rider" Magazine